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Lighting systems for horticulture

The farming method of the future is here. Optimize your growth systems by using modern lighting for sustainable crop cultivation, all year round. Individual lighting scheme means faster growth, larger harvests, and higher quality plants.

Why Pila?

Reliable brand
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We work in various segments (indoor and outdoor lighting, special lighting)
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More than 75 years in the horticulture businessу
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A leader in horticulture solutions
Our approach
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We work in close collaboration with greenhouses, consultants and installers
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We know both the technical side of the business and the plant physiology
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Partnership with various agronomical universities around the world with the aim to develope and improve specialized light recipes for different cultures
Our solutions
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We offer traditional, decades-proven technology – HID
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High quality, transparent warranty conditions and reliable post-warranty support
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We constantly work on innovations


The PILA high-pressure sodium lamps are perfectly designed for operation with PILA Electronic HID gears. In combination with a suitable luminaire you receive an optimal combination for a cost- effective horticulture system with respect to lifetime and efficiency.



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Where to buy?

Industria Horti Lighting B.V.

Ferry Breeuwer

Mob: +31 611 264 557

Tel No: +31 85 06 45 238

Dutch Lighting Innovations Europe B.V.

Europe: Dennis Janmaat

International: Arjan Pauw

Mob DJ: +31 643 080 226 

Mob AP: +31 682 324 637 

Hawthorne Gardening Company

Nico van der Houwen

Mob: +31 622 947 598


Alexander Dmitriev

Mob: +7 (968) 726 68 05

Tel No: +7 (495) 788 80 23


Bogdanov Eduard

Mob: +7 (916) 057 87 82 

Tel No: +7 (495) 785 37 40 (ext. 11-80)

ZAO Company Tochka Opory Promelektrosvet

Andrei Zakharov

Tel No: +7 (495) 786 62 51  (ext. 1136)

LLC Elektrosvit

Ivan Brigadin

Mob: +7 (910) 287 60 01


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Signify Netherlands B.V.
High Tech Campus 48, Eindhoven

+31 40 275 02 80



LLC Signify Eurasia
Dvintsev Str., 12, Bld. 1, block B, Moscow, 127018, Russia
+7 (495) 937 93 30